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Additional tables to the ProQ paper.

Results for the different methods for each protein on known Decoy Sets and on models created from LiveBench-2. Full atom models from LiveBench-2 can be downloaded here (205MB). Each file has the MaxSub, LGscore, RMSD and when ever possible also the Pcons score in the header.

Known Decoy Sets LiveBench-2
ProQ-combined ProQ-combined
Errat Errat
ProsaII ProsaII
Verify3D Verify3D

For each method the following tables is presented:

Protein decoys rank MX LG RMSD Z Z-nat
1ctf 630 1 1.00 4.11 0.00 2.7 5.1
1r69 675 2 0.82 2.80 1.66 3.4 6.2
1sn3 660 1 1.00 3.99 0.00 1.9 4.6
2cro 674 1 1.00 3.99 0.00 2.0 4.8

Protein name of target protein
decoys number of decoys in the set
rank rank of the native structure
MX MaxSub for the highest ranked model
LG LGscore for the highest ranked model
RMSD RMSD for the highest ranked model
Z Z-score for seperating incorrect and correct models
Z-nat Z-score for the native structure